Features Overview

fixdesk fixdesk offers a lot of features that are very comfortable and easy to use. We present you some of the most important features.

manage jobs
Create, manage and convert jobs

To generate jobs with fixdesk is very easy and quite fast. We spend a lot of time, to guarantee an optimized workflow. At every time you have a direct overview aove the actual status of your companies jobs. You can see, which of your employees is working right on time on a specified job. Are all ingoing and outgoing checks passed? Were there any issues? You can switch a job to another employee.

You can inform your customers by email about the actual status of their job. All Emails and status alerts are easily customizable fixdesk.

Create jobs and estimates
Create, manage and convert estimates.

You can create estimates within seconds with fixdesk and send them to your customers. You can add optional items that you recommend to your estimates. Your customers can decide, which of those recommended items he wants to pay or wants to decline. Declining the estimate in total your customer can write you his reasons and what has to happen with his device. If your customer has accepted your estimate you can easily convert it to a active job. Downloading and mailing the documents as PDF files is possible whenever you want. You can adjust how long your estimates will be valid and if your customers will be able to answer your estimates by mail within your config.

manage numberranges
Number Ranges
InvoiceIDs, CustomerIDs etc. can be easily adjusted!

Define individual numberranges for customers, jobs, estimates and invoices. Do you have different numberranges on your companies locations?

Does your numberranges have specified prefixes, data-informations, indexes or special chars like hyphen etc.? This is all easily adjustable with fixdesk. Do you need support? We help you initializing your numberranges.

Manage Employees
Create employees and connect locations.

You have several employees and maybe several office locations? No problem! Within fixdesk you can organize this within a few minutes.

Your employees can be connected to office locations and jobs, invoices, estimates etc.. Logging in your employees will be asked on which location they work today. To prevent editing conflicts, all documents being edited are locked. Opening such a blocked document you will be shown the name of the employee that is actually editing it.

Manage office locations
Manage office locations
Office Location Management
Large companies with many offices and a lot of employees

With fixdesk you can manage several office locations. You can check which jobs are created and active on each location. How many customers do your locations have? How many invoices are created on your locations: Locations can have different number ranges. This is easy to handle with fixdesk.

Every Office location can have its own bank account. This will be printed on every invoice for each location.

manage texts
Email and status templates
Create your personal email-texts

With fixdesk you can easily edit emails or status alerts. With our text-editor this is very simple. You can easily create your text in WORD and paste it in our editor. With dynamic text variables you are able to paste customers data firstname, lastname etc. in your texts.

Internal communication management
Communicate internally with your employees
Communicate across existing orders, KVAs, invoices and RMAs. All comments are summarized in a history. The communication process reflects the entire processing process; the test results of the incoming and outgoing checks are also shown in the comments. Thus, all important information is summarized in one place.
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